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Computer: IBM or fully compatible with 16MHz 386 processor or better.
System Memory: 2MB of RAM with 1040K of EMS free.
Conventional Memory: 575K (588,800 bytes) of your base RAM must be available.
Hard Drive: at least 14MB of free space must be available on your hard drive.
Graphics: VGA graphics card and VGA monitor.
Drive: Single-speed CD-ROM drive.
DOS: MS-DOS version 3.3 or higher required.

Mouse: Microsoft mouse or compatible highly recommended.
Sound Cards: Sound Blaster, Ad Lib, ProAudio Spectrum, or Roland MT-32 sound cards.


Master of Orion requires that 575K (588,800 bytes) of your conventional RAM be available. To check how much RAM you have available, type MEM and press Enter.
The memory report shows a number for the “largest executable program size.” If that is less than 588,800 bytes, you may have to modify your system configuration to remove some memory-resident programs that take up that space.

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