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Planetary production is measured in BC’s (billions of credits) and is a measure of a star system’s resources and building potential.

The production can be used to build new ships and missile bases, create new factories, improve your planet’s environment, and research new technology. Production is displayed immediately above the production ratio bars in terms of actual and total resources. The total resources are shown inside parentheses.

The total represents not only the sum of colonists and factory production, but also the revenues from existing trade routes and other player tribute, plus revenues transferred to that planet from the Planetary Reserve. The actual production is the amount of resources remaining after maintenance, trading, tribute, espionage, security, and colony transport costs are deducted from the planet's total production. Actual production is the amount of resources that can actually be used to build ships, bases, and industry.

Production Ratio Bars: The ratio bars automatically divide the planet’s total production into five areas: starship production, planetary defense, new factory construction, ecology, and technological research. To make large adjustments in the current ratios, place the mouse pointer in the appropriate bar and press the button. For incremental adjustment click on the arrows on either end of the ratio bar. The full length of the bar represents 100% of the planets production, and the total allocations between the five areas cannot exceed the 100% limit. Therefore, increasing the production in one area will decrease the production in another. If you want to lock the production so that it cannot be altered, press the ratio description to the left of the bar. This will change the color of the bar to red and you will no longer be able to alter that production ratio bar. Press the description again to unlock the ratio bar.

Ship (SHIP): Resources allocated toward ship production are used to construct new starships or stargates. Each planet can only build one type of ship at a time. The type of starship built is shown inside the star dock in the lower right portion of the screen. Once you have developed stargate technology you can build stargates instead of ships. You select the stargate as if it were another type of ship.

The rate at which the selected ships are constructed depends on the cost of the ship, how large a percentage of resources has been allocated, and the star system’s total production. The number shown to the right of the bar

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