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If your research spending in a given technology drops to 0, you have effectively shelved the research for that device, and get no chance of discovery on that turn. In addition, you lose 10% of the amount already invested each turn, until you begin research again.

Your Technology Level in a given area is based upon 80% of the level of your most advanced device, plus the total number of devices in that field you have discovered. For instance, if you have discovered 5 weapons, the most advanced of which is level 20, your overall Weapons Technology Level is 21 (80% of 20, plus 5 devices).

Artifact Planets and Orion: Planets with artifacts tremendously enhance technology research, doubling the research output on those planets. Orion is a scientist’s wonderland and research there is quadrupled.

Reducing Costs and Size: Advances in technology will reduce the cost of building existing ships and missile bases. For every ten levels above the minimum required level of technology that you have, the cost of producing that device is halved. For example, a particle beam (15th level weapons technology) costs 13 BC when it is first developed. When you reach level 20, the weapon costs 9.75 BC and at level 25 it costs only 6.5 BC. Although there are no new devices at higher than 50th level technology, you can still decrease the costs of producing existing technology.

Along with reduced cost, advances in technology also allows you to reduce the size of existing devices so that you can fit more on your starships. The mass of a device is decreased by 25% per 10 levels of technology above the minimum required level. Weapons, however, reduce by 50% for every 10 levels. For example, the particle beam normally requires 20 tons of space to mount on a ship. At level 25 the weapon takes 10 tons of space, and at 35th level it takes only 5 tons of space. Miniaturization works on computers, ECM jammers, armor, force fields, ship engines, weapons, and most special devices.

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