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PSILONS are brilliant scientists, dedicated to research. Technology plays a key role in your bility to win Master of Orion. Even if your have developed a powerful industry, without advanced technology you will be unable to compete effectively with your rivals. There are six areas of science in Master of Orion: computers, construction, force fields, planetology, propulsion, and weapons. Only the first 50 levels actually contain new inventions. Levels above 50 refine and miniaturize your existing technology.

Acquiring New Technology: Technology can be acquired in three ways: researching from resource points spent on technology, stealing technology from other races, or finding remnants of technology from conquered enemy planets.

To acquire a new device in one of the six sciences, you must accumulate enough research points. Each colony converts resources devoted to technology to research points. The points are then combined with the research from all your other planets and are divided up into the six areas according the ratios that you specify on the technology screen.

Each device that you research has a Base Cost of research points that must be invested in it before your scientists can achieve a breakthrough and “discover” that device. The Base Cost of developing a Technology is the device’s tech level squared, multiplied by a factor that depends upon the game’s difficulty setting.

Each year that you invest research points in a device, you also get “interest” on the amount you have invested. The interest is either 15% of your total, or an amount equal to what you are adding this year, whichever is lower. This encourages a steady investment in your research, as opposed to a “crash” funding.

After the Base Cost has been invested in its research, your scientists have a chance of a breakthrough, as long as you continue to fund that research. Your chance of breakthrough increases by 1% for every 2% of the Base Cost you invest in addition.

So, for example, if the base cost of a device were 100 RP, you would get a chance to have a breakthrough after that 100 RP has been invested. By the time you invested a total of 150 RP, your chance of breakthrough that turn would be 25% (100 spent on the Base Cost; 50 more RP divided by 2 gives you a 25% chance).

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