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From time to time, every leader will be faced with disasters that will strike their star systems. Each year there is a chance that a disaster will occur, with the chance growing more likely the longer it has been since the last crises. In all cases, a disaster requires some sort of intervention to solve the situation. The following is a list of the potential crises that may occur during a game.

Ancient Derelict: You discover an ancient derelict which contains superior force field and weapons technology.

Climate Change: A sudden shift in the planet’s axis changes its environment to be more fertile. Population growth increases by 50%.

Comet: A comet is discovered to be on a direct collision course with one of your colonies. If the comet hits, the colony will be completely destroyed. Your star fleet can be moved into the system to destroy the comet. The more ships, the faster the comet will be obliterated.

Computer Virus: A highly destructive computer virus strikes your primary research centers, destroying years of research in a specific technology. Although you will not lose technology that you have already obtained, you will lose several levels of research that will have to be repeated to advance any further.

Diplomatic Blunder: One of your ambassadors to another race commits a disastrous blunder and seriously jeopardizes your relations with the rival empire. In some cases, the blunder can even set you at the brink of war.

Donation: A wealthy merchant willing to support the cause makes a substantial donation to your Planetary Reserve.

Earthquake: a major quake strikes one of your colonies killing colonists and damaging industry. Once the earthquake has hit, you may have to redirect resources to repair the damaged factories.

Industrial Accident: A major industrial accident pollutes an entire colony with radioactive waste, setting the industrial waste to maximum for that planet. You should attempt to clean up the waste as soon as possible or the pollution will begin to kill off your colonists.

Mineral Discovery: Deep mining exploration reveals a huge previously undetected deposit of neutronium, making the planet Mineral Rich.

Mineral Depletion: Your planet exhausts its heavy metal deposits, making the colony Mineral Poor.

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