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DARLOKS are stealthy spies and saboteurs. In Master of Orion, you can finance both espionage and sabotage operations. The resources you allocate build spy networks, but your opponent is also spending resources on internal security to uncover and eliminate your spies. Spies ordered to perform Espionage steal technology from the laboratories of other races. Sabotage undermines a specific colony by destroying missile bases and factories, or inciting rebellion among the populace.

As long as you have any spy networks in an empire, your Report on their current technology (see the Races screen) will be current.

Costs: The first spy network placed in an empire costs 25 BC, plus 2 BC per level of Computer Technology. Additional spies in each empire cost twice as much as the previous spy network, so a second spy costs twice the base amount, a third costs four times, a fourth costs eight times the base, etc. Darlok spies cost only half as much as other races.

Internal Security: Internal Security is used to uncover, thwart, and eliminate spy activity in your empire. Your empire’s base security level is equal to its Computer Tech level. You can also increase the Security Bonus by 2% for every 1% of your empire’s production you allocate to security.

Capturing Spies: Each year, your vigilant counter-intelligence forces are attempting to eliminate any spy activity in your empire. For EVERY spy network in your empire, your security forces get a roll of 1–100, plus your Internal Security Bonus (see the Races Screen). Darloks get an additional +20 as part of their Security Bonus. If your Computer Tech level is higher than your opponent’s, the difference is also added to that roll. If the enemy spies are hiding, though, the roll is reduced by 30.

Roll Result
mistaken identity, another race may be framed
spy not discovered
spy identified, infiltration attempts not stopped
spy infiltration attempt stopped, but spy escapes
spy infiltration stopped, and spy eliminated.
spy confesses, stops all other spies that year.

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