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KLACKON workers are incredibly productive. Diplomatic relations are a measure of the other players’ tolerance and reactions to your actions. The worse the relations, the more likely the opponent is to attack. The better the relations, the easier it will be to form treaties and trade technology.

Altering the diplomatic relations depends on your actions. Attacks will worsen relations, while trade and tribute will improve them. At the end of the year, if you do nothing to change relations, the diplomatic scale will move back toward the neutral setting for both races.

Negative Diplomatic Actions:

• espionage
• sabotage
• excessive military buildup
• attacking a fleet
• voting against a candidate, or abstaining any race in the High Council vote
• killing off planetary populations
• possessing too many planets
• using biological weapons against along borders ANY race
• previously broken treaties
• completely eliminating


Positive Diplomatic Actions:

• non-aggression pacts
• trading
• attacking a mutual enemy
• voting for a candidate in the and alliances High Council
• tribute

An accidental encounter over an uncontrolled star system will damage relations, but attacking an enemy colony almost certainly leads to war. Furthermore using biological weapons will make all races distrust you.

Enemy emperors will remember your actions. Every time war is declared or a treaty is broken, a permanent diplomacy penalty is assigned to any future dealings. Therefore, if you consistently break treaties and attack an opponent, he will be very unwilling to form new treaties and will only accept trades which benefit him more than you.

Non-aggression pacts and alliances do not immediately effect your diplomatic relations, but instead improve the relations as long as the treaty is enforced. Trade also improves relations, but not as much as a non-aggression pact or alliance.

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