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A space battle ensues anytime fleets from different races enter the same star system. The conflict is resolved immediately and continues until one side is totally destroyed, decides to retreat, or 50 turns have elapsed, forcing the attacker to retreat. If the defender does not have an orbital fleet, he can still defend the planet with ground missile bases.

Ship Facing: All of your ships begin on the left side of the screen, facing right, and all enemy ships begin on the opposite side. The number of ships in the group is indicated below each ship icon. When the ship count for a group drops to zero, the group is eliminated. In the case of planets, the count indicates the number of remaining missile bases.

Initiative: The order in which ships move and fire is determined by their initiative ratings. A ship’s initiative is based on maneuverability and the ship’s battle computer. Ship’s with the highest initiative move first. A ship with a higher initiative can also fire first when enemy ships come into range. There are two exceptions to the firing order: ships utilizing a subspace teleporter or a cloaking device fire first after moving or de-cloaking.

Current Ship: When it becomes time for a ship to move it will be shown surrounded by a shimmering red box. The ship can then move and fire its weapons. After firing all of its weapons the ship is assumed to be finished with its turn and will no longer be able to move until the next round.

Movement Icons: The type of action a ship executes when you click the mouse is determined by the current icon shape shown above the space.

The move icon indicates that the ship can legally move to that space. A ship can move as many spaces in a turn as its combat speed. After clicking the mouse button, the ship will travel to the specified space. If the ships move into the range of an enemy’s weapons, the enemy may fire its weapons at its first opportunity.

The cross hairs icon appears over enemy targets that are within range of your weapons. Clicking the icon fires all available weapons that are in range. If some of your beam weapons have a shorter range, they will not fire, and may be used against other, closer targets, or as defensive fire if enemy ships move into their range.

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