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The Races screen displays your diplomatic standing with all the races you are in contact with. You may initiate diplomatic negotiations and receive reports on the status of all races. Allocation of production to spy activities and security is also handled from this screen.

Contact: A race’s window on the screen will remain closed and “No Contact” will appear, until your starships (not including long range scouts) can reach one of your opponent’s planets, and that planet is in range of your scanners.

Race Window: There is a window for each race in the galaxy on this screen. Each window shows any treaties or trade agreements with the race and that empire’s current feelings towards you.

Diplomatic Relations: The multi-colored bar shown below the ratio bars indicates the current tension level between the different races. The position of the blue triangular marker shows how that race views you. There are fifteen levels of relations, ranging from feud to harmony. The more negative the relations, the more likely the opponent is to attack. An opponent driven to feud will attack nearly every turn.

Spies: Below the diplomatic information is a section for your espionage efforts in that empire. The production allocation bar allows new spy networks to be built in that empire. Spy networks are very expensive, so be careful not to build more than you can afford.

Missions: The three buttons below the production bar allow you to set the activity the spies will take. Hide reduces their chance of discovery by security forces. This can be important when you are attempting to improve diplomatic relations with that empire. Sabotage orders the spies to attempt to blow up either factories or missile bases in the enemy’s empire or to stir up rebellion in one of their colonies. Espionage is an attempt to steal technology from the enemy.

Internal Security: This slider controls how much of your empire’s resources you dedicate to eliminating spy networks in your empire. Status Button: Will bring up the Status Screen which gives a report on the state of the galaxy. Each race that you have encountered will be rated in five separate areas, as well as a combined power rating.

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