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The Fleet screen is a quick and easy way to check the deployment of your space fleet. Every separate fleet will have an entry in the fleet list. The arrow keys can be used to scroll the list when you have more than five fleets.

The Station column shows the current location of the fleet, the star system it is orbiting or its destination and ETA if it is in transit. The other columns show the number of ships from each of the six ship classes.

Clicking on any box of a fleet in orbit will take you immediately to the Fleet Deployment panel for that fleet. If the fleet was in transit clicking on a box of that fleet will take you to the Scan Fleet panel.

Specs Button: will show the Ship Specs screen letting you examine the equipment and armament of each design that you have made. This is useful in identifying obsolete ship designs to scrap to make room for more modern designs.

Scrap Button: lets you select a type of ship to decommission. Every ship of the class will be scrapped. 25% of the ships’ costs will be salvaged and put in the Planetary Reserve.

OK Button: will return you to the main screen.


The Specs screen gives a detailed report on the equipment and armament of each class of ship that you have designed.

Scrap Button: will scrap all the ships of that design. 25% of the ships’ costs will be salvaged and put in the Planetary Reserve.

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