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The Peoples Republic of Gomaki

Part Two

... Historic Overview continued...

[GC 0 to circa GC 100]
During the early cycles of expansion, the Republic found that its home system, Gomaki, was situated at the apex of a triangular linking of three systems. Gomaki – Onnahee – Zaurak. These three systems contained 4 Classification Green planets and 3 Classification Yellow planets besides the Republics homeworld. These three systems make up the “Tri Star Cluster” that is the industrial backbone of the Republic. The additional two warp lines leading out from Gomaki led to the galactic east and west. The western line was discovered to branch south and west one system from Gomaki. Exploration of the southern branch led to the discovery of a Classification Green planet in the Tsukiyomi system and first contact with the Sakkra empire. Exploration of the western branch was terminated three jumps beyond Gomaki with the discovery of the Fieras Guardian directly beyond the Sahu system. Sahu contained an additional Classification Green planet as well. The eastern warp line from Gomaki contains 4 star systems, all of which have Classification Red planets except for Albrreo-A which contains a single Classification yellow world. Just beyond Subra-A, first contact with the Psilon empire occurred. Subra-A was immediately marked for colonization as it would make an excellent gateway world to defend the Tri-Star Cluster from attack.

[GC 100 to circa GC200]
During this period, the Peoples republic established colonies in all of its territorial systems. Many were Classification Red. These worlds were colonized for their mineral richness to feed the growing industrial needs of the Tri-Star Cluster. Formal diplomatic channels were opened with the Psilon and Sakkra empires and many valuable trade treaties were signed. Eventually, relations with the Psilon empire grew to include a mutual defense pact. On the southern border, relations with the Sakkra were also moving along quite nicely. A mutual defense pack was signed with the Sakkra circa GC 200. This left the People Republic little room to expand beyond its current 12 star systems. However, this was not considered a drawback at the current time. Internal expansion and buildup was the focus of the Republic for the time being.

[circa GC 160: The Urkab Incident]
Approximately GC 160, an ancient civilization of Elerians was discovered to inhabit the Urkab system. Urkab was two jumps beyond Tsukiyomi and well into Sakkra territory. However, the Sakkra had not seen fit to colonize the system. It was apparent that none of the planets suited their species. The Peoples Republic decided that the Elerian world would make a good addition to the Republic. The Elerians preference for hot house worlds would expand the Republics ability to utilize its 12 star systems more effectively. With this in mind, a colony expedition was sent to Urkab. Apon arrival however, it was discovered that some Silicoid settlers had beat the Republic to the system. This did NOT sit well with the Lord General of the Republic. In the mean time, the colony expedition choose to colonize another planet in the system.. a Classification Yellow world of little value. This provide the Republic with diplomatic contact with the Silicoids.

Over the next 30 cycles, diplomatic efforts to convince the Silicoids to relinquish their claim on Urkab II were unsuccessful. Relations with the Silicoid empire were deteriorating rapidly. During this time, small detachment of destroyers was dispatched to guard the Urkab V colony and blockade Urkab II. Meanwhile, the Tri-Star Cluster ramped up its industry to produce the starships necessary to fill out a full Armada of long range Destroyers armed with Quark beams and Fusion cannons. Also, the 1st Mobile Corps was commissioned and embarked on transports to forcibly remove the Silicoids from Urkab II if necessary. By the time the Armada arrived at Urkab II with transports in tow, the Silicoids had managed to complete a vast network of planetary guns, missile batteries, and fighter launch facilities on the planet. The ensuing battle was fierce, with the Silicoid ground commander ordering the missile and fighter assets of the planet to attack the transports carry the Peoples Army. It was a fortunate that the commander of the Peoples Navy had assigned two Point Defense Destroyer Escorts to the transport flotilla. As it was, one destroyer and one transport were lost in the opening salvos of the conflict. Still, the remaining transport had the bulk of the 1st Mobile Corps and only 5 battalions were lost on the second transport. One salvo was all the planet managed before the Long Range attack Destroyers of the 1st LR Armada closed to firing range. The medium turreted Quark cannons made short work of the ground based facilities with minimal losses to the fleet.

It should be noted that data on the technical capabilities of the Peoples Republic at this time indicate that knowledge of spinal mount weaponry was unknown. It would appear that non turret mounted weaponry was never considered by the naval designers of the Peoples republic.

The ground battle was fairly uneventful. The Silicoids put up little resistance with only 2 militia units available to them. Liberation of the Elerians was at hand. Unfortunately, the Silicoids had worked the poor Elerians to death in their slave mines for fewer than 8 million Elerians remained on the planet. (slightly less than 0.8 standard Orion population units) While the oppressive Silicoid population was nearly 3 times the remaining Elerian population (about 2.8 standard Orion population units.) This was not to be the tragedy that the Republic first considered it to be. In later years, the conquered Silicoid population would prove to make very hardy and useful Slaves on the less than hospitable planets of the Republic.

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