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The Peoples Republic of Gomaki

Part Three

[Historic report: The Peoples Republic, GC 208 to GC 270]
During this period of galactic history, the Republic experienced a golden age of growth. Its true that border expansion was not possible due to the close presence of the Psilons and Trilarians to the galactic west and the Sakkra and Silicoids to the galactic south. However, internal growth was possible and the government of the Peoples Republic pushed that expansion with all its available resources.

Great scientific strides were made by the Republic with the discovery of advanced energy fields allowing Class III shielding. Advances in hull materials made the construction of the first true battleships possible as well. A generous Trilarian offer to trade the techniques of mounting large beam weapons along a ships keel were well received by the Republican navy. This allowed the Battleships of the Peoples Republican Navy (PRN) to be armed with deadly long range Hard Beams and Hellfire cannons.

The PRN went through a complete upgrade during this time of peace. New ships were designed based on the latest technologies, and a solid core of assault battleships and battle carriers were built. These ships were escorted by cruisers with formidable arrays of point defense Hellfire cannons and electronic warfare ships built around the battle proven destroyer hull. Its fortunate that the PRN made such an investment in naval hardware. Soon, its use would prove pivotal to the survival of the Peoples Republic.

[GC 270: The Silicoid War]
During GC 270, Lord General Rexanus III, supreme leader of the Peoples Republic began to worry that the rapid expansion of the Trilarians to the west would leave the Republic unable to complete its goal of re-uniting the galaxy under a new Pax Humanica. This was an intolerable situation for General Rexanus. Something needed to be done and quickly. For well over 6 standard months, the General and his command staff pondered how to contain the Trilarians or at least match their expansion. The Trilarians were by far the most powerful race in the north west arm of the galaxy. They controlled over 30 systems and were fielding a fleet of well over 200 ships. Intelligence agents were unable to ascertain the size and capabilities of this fleet but they were able to glean some valuable information on the Trilarian’s technical abilities. The Trilarians were far more advanced than the Peoples Republic.

Direct conflict was out of the question. Another plan needed to be devised. Perhaps the annexation of another nearby civilization could propel the Republic into some semblance of parity with the Trilarians. The Psilon empire lay between the Republic and the Trilarians. However, diplomatic relations with the Psilons were good, and the people enjoyed a warm relationship with the feeble humanoids. Also, the Trilarians had a mutual defense pact with the Psilons making them a poor target for expansion by the PRN. The Sakkra on the southern border also enjoyed a peaceful and warm relationship with the Republic. The Sakkra also stood as the 4th most powerfull race in the sector while the Republic was widely regarded as only 8th in ranking. That left only the Silicoids just beyond the Sakkra empire. Intelligence reports indicated that they had no strong alliances to support them. They were also reported as being the least powerful race in the known galaxy, ranking 14th. Having no strong allies would prove to be the Siliciods undoing. The decision was made. The Siliciods would become the newest ‘citizens’ of the Peoples Republic.
Over the next 15 cycles, the PRN would mobilize from the reserves and assemble around Urkab. The fleet was one hundred ships strong with over 30 Battleships at the core. Transports were mobilized to follow the fleet. Their target was the Hircus system, gateway to the Silicoid empire…

<… to be continued>


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