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The Peoples Republic of Gomaki
by PirateRob

Part One

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“The Peoples Republic of Gomaki.”


[General Information]
The Peoples Republic of Gomaki was established from a splinter colony of the Pax Humanica shortly before its fall from power. While the Pax Humanica was primarily a democratic body, the Peoples Republic was established by a ruthless despotic fringe element of the human race. The Republics politics and social structure reflect that origins despite the rather benign name. The people of the Republic are a hardy genetic branch of the human race with strong loyalties to its governing body. This loyalty, combined with the dedicated work ethic of its people, overcomes the usual inefficiencies of a despotic government in farming and mining. During the period of history following the collapse of the Pax Humanica, the Peoples Republic remained in the background, confined to a single star system with little contact outside its own borders. During the Antaran invasion of the Orion sector, Gomaki was largely ignored by the invading Antarans. The Republic put up little resistance when the Antarans occupied their world. It amused the Antarans to prop up the existing government as a puppet state during the height of the Hegemony. After the collapse of the Hegemony, contact with the Republic was lost as it was too far out on the fringe of the galaxy for the “New Orions” to maintain military dominance. Its during this period or relative freedom that the Peoples Republic first stepped foot outside of its own star system to begin the long journey to galactic dominance. The Republics goal was to re-establish the long lost Pax Humanica, with the Republic as head of the senate of course. But in order for these grand plans to become reality, the Republic would need to become part of the newly established Orion Senate. Either that or abolish the senate completely and establish its own galactic dominance through military means.

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“Historic and Stellar-graphic overview, The Peoples Republic of Gomaki , circa GC 0 to GC 208.5”

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[The Peoples Republic, Stellar-graphic Overview]
By GC 208.5, The Peoples Republic controlled 17 colonies in 12 star systems on the northeastern edge of the core (standard galactic orientation.) The “Tri star Cluster,” consisting of Gomaki, Onnahee, and Zaurak contains the core habitable systems of the Republic. Two other systems beyond the cluster also contain habitable planets, Tsukiyomi and Sahu. The remaining 7 system of the Republic consists of classification Red 1 or 2 mining operations and the military base situated on Subra-A. Diplomatic contact has been made with 5 other empires. On the eastern border, the Psilons inhabit the systems just beyond Subra-A with the Tachidi farther east along the warp lines. To the south lies the Sakkra empire bordering on Tsukiyomi with a Silicoid empire farther south and east. To the southwest, just beyond the Sahu system lies the Guardian of Fieras, and just beyond the Guardian, the Trilarians. By GC 208.5, The Republic ranked 7th out of the 14 known empires in the galaxy.

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