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The Alexanderov Federation
Book 1 The Grendarl War

Part Six - Plans and Preperations

The Bumblebee entered the debris field from the 'accident' to search for salvage worth collecting. Though most Rrk'g'kreglin technology wasn't worth collecting, sometimes the raw material was useful. As he studied the radiation effects on his scopes, it finally hit Turley what had been bugging him for the past hour. "Sir! I think there was a sensor platform here after all!"

"What! Why did you not detect it earlier, Lieutenant? And does it see us?"

"I highly doubt it, sir. I didn't recognize it earlier because A) it's Silicoid, and I was looking for Grendarl technology, B) it's heavily damaged and was almost certainly inactive earlier, and C) it's right in the middle of the slodding debris field, so I couldn't pick it up with active scans at a distance."

"Silicoid, you say? So the Rrk'g'kreglin have reestablished contact with Satrag, then?"

"That is a likely scenario, though not guaranteed."

"We know little about the Silicoid's technology level. Can we disable the platform and take it home with us?"

"It would be difficult, sir, but doable. Now that I know what I'm looking at I can figure out a lot more from the same scans. I see a primary power node that's detached from the main system and leaking enough radiation to make it useless even if it was reattached. The backup node appears to have recently activated, probably after we finished scanning the system. The only problem is now that it's fully active again, it would surely detect weapon activation and self-destruct."

Morse spoke up. "Sir, if we can detach the backup power node, I believe it would be rendered inoperable again. This would make it safe to bring aboard. But as it is still active, it would probably note the field effect of launching a mine through the air shield. Somebody needs to go EVA to plant the mines, and I volunteer for that task."

Goodman frowned. "Mines, plural, Morse? Won't that be overkill?"

Commander Tannert, who had come to the bridge to oversee the salvage operation that was now abandoned, spoke up. "Sir, no it wouldn't. Silicoid technology often reflects their racial structure, a base section with crystal node-like extrusions off of it at odd angles for the various functions. This causes the device to have an odd shape, which would prevent fitting it through our cargo door. The platform appears to have two sensor nodes still attached in addition to the backup power. One mine should be sufficient for each."

"Very well, Morse. Call your relief and suit up, you hit space as soon as we can get in range."

"One more thing, Captain," Tannert continued. "Now that I'm looking for Silicoid technology as well, I see a message buoy launch signature that I originally mistook for a tachyon surge from a quasar. The device launched a buoy less than five seconds after we launched ours, but it's slower and had farther to go. Ours will make it home in another three days, but theirs won't even reach the jump point to Rrk'g'kreg for another three hours. Unfortunately, it's way too far away to attempt to intercept now."

"And they may have ships standing by in hyperspace at the end of the jump lane. Maximum speed and efficiency all, I want to be out of the system before that buoy reaches their lane."

Four days and two hours later, on Starbase 49 in orbit of M'gewen IV, Admiral Padre Mulkahey was reviewing the messages from the Bumblebee, which was still a few days away. Goodman's plan to ambush the Grendarl transports had been brilliant, and then flawlessly carried out by his crew. The recovery of a Silicoid sensor platform would provide valuable intelligence as well. But best of all was the discovery of three valuable worlds in a strategically valuable system. A very valuable find. Goodman was proving that his rapid promotions were not a mistake at all. Perhaps another was in order? Mulkahey shuffled around some paperwork on his desk. Ah, yes, the missile frigate Sharktooth was just out of spacedock and in need of an experienced officer corps. Perhaps Goodman and crew could be transferred there? He might have to hustle a bit to clear that through his fellow admirals, but he felt it worth the effort. He summoned his secretary and asked her to start on the paperwork immediately after placing a purple channel transmission to Senator Michelle Zollner, who held the chair of the Senate subcommittees on colonization and fleet administration.

A purple channel transmission never takes long to obtain a response. Only used in time of war or extreme urgency, it was barely five minutes before Senator Zollner's face appeared on his screen. "I do hope you have a good reason for yanking me out of an important meeting. I was arguing for additional defensive deployments to your sector, I do hope they are not lost now with my absence from the discussion."

"I appreciate your efforts on our behalf, as always, Senator, but I feel they may soon no longer be necessary. This system will hopefully no longer be the border soon. As you know, we recently managed to get the restrictions on access to the Tamarian system removed from our peace treaty with the Grendarl. We sent a scout vessel to map it more thoroughly, and the report I have here says it's a virtual diamond mine. Valuable beyond easy belief, we would be insane to not colonize and develop it as quickly as possible into an impregnable fortress system. It will surely be a huge boon for the Federation."

"I see. Your recommendation?"

"Every ship we can spare should assemble here to go and defend our new colony. We should colonize all three planets and send massive numbers of civilian transports to populate them quickly. For the Grendarl will probably attack quickly, and we should be ready to meet it."

"This could be the opening we have been waiting for these past four years as we built up our forces well beyond what we felt we'd truly need to take them down."

"And even if it isn't, it will have the effect of splitting their empire, dividing them from a fledgling colony that would one day be quite valuable to them, but if we move now will wither and die."

"I agree. Transmit the details on a subchannel. I'll bring this to Alexandrov himself. You may begin logistical preparations, I expect approval will come within the hour."

"Thank you, Ma'am. One last thing, however, a favor, if you will. I need your personal commendation for the captain responsible for bringing us this windfall. With your commendation I can better push through an appropriate promotion for him and his crew."

"Hmm. That will make five you owe me, Mulkahey, but you've never yet steered me wrong. Consider it done, I'll have my secretary type up the paperwork immediately and send it to you. Zollner out."

Meanwhile, on Rrk'g'kreg III, the unnamed Grendarl emperor conferred with his prime advisor, Y'th'S'kaz, about the situation their message drone reported.

"Has that piece of troz diplomat been executed yet?"

"He gave out early this morning, sire. Only took four hours of torture. A complete weakling."

"I wish we could execute him twice! Grek that graktoz traitorous piece of troz! Trading away our claim on the Tamarian system for a minor bribe and a worthless technology we have no use for!" He paused momentarily. "Execute the rest of his family. Make a statement that will not be forgotten."

"It shall be done, sire!"

"Those graktoz humans surely now know the secret of the Tamarian system. They will surely move to claim it now, and glibly convince the Senate it was open territory, free for the taking."

"Begging your pardon, sire, but you know the humans feel it is we who are graktoz. Of course, they are mistaken, but I must remind you of their opinion."

"They knew we had claimed M'gewen. They settled it anyway! We had a RIGHT to reclaim it!"

"Of course, sire! But you know they don't see it that way."

"You are correct as usual, Y'th'S'kaz. But we must move to prevent them from taking Tamarian I, II, and III. Gather the entire fleet here. This time we strike with everything we have, and we don't stop until we have erased their kind from the galaxy!"

"It shall be done, my liege."

Slod is actually not Grendarl in origin. An profanity that made its way into the English language in the dark ages of Antaran oppression, it is believed it was originally an Antaran rank or term that was borrowed by the bitter humans and turned into an epithet to hurl at the untouchable Antaran opressors. No actual meaning is known or required, but any human old enough to speak understands.




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