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The Alexanderov Federation
Book 1 The Grendarl War


"You did an excellent job, Goodman," Alexanderov said two weeks later. "Your role in the victory over the Grendarl is borne out by the communication logs from Stockert's flagship. After brief review, the Navy has decided to have you retain command of the fleets in that sector. You will be military governor of the system until the Grendarl adapt to our rule and join us willingly, as well as in charge of the cleanup efforts and preparing the fleet for its next battle, whenever that may come. You are hereby promoted to Vice Admiral, effective the moment you took command of the fleet."

"Thank you, sir. You do me great honor by informing me yourself."

"You deserve it. You did an excellent job. Your first officer's role in the conflict is also recognized. Commander de Campos is hereby promoted to Captain. Her new posting is up to you, but somehow I suspect you'll be giving her the command of your new flagship. The Hyperion is to be rechristened the Victory, and will become your flagship."

"I will inform her shortly, sir," Goodman replied with a smile.

"Where is she, by the way? I expected she'd be at your side."

"She is in sickbay, sir. She reported feeling ill and went in for a checkup, and apparently the doctor won't discharge her yet. I'm not sure why, but I'll go as soon as we are done here to inform her of her promotion."

"Very well. Two final pieces of business. The regrettable suicide of Admiral Stockert has been judged a case of stress-induced insanity. His body is to be returned home, where it will be buried with full honors. We will remember the good he did, and his past heroism, and gloss over his end. Furthermore, a note will be inserted in Ensign Stockert's file. He will be given a month off if he wishes it, but after that if he wishes to return to duty his father's actions will not be held against him in any way."

"I wouldn't dream of it, sir. His father was my friend, and he himself has proved an excellent navigator."

"I didn't think there would be any problem. But the note will still be in the file, in case he is not placed under your command in the future."

"As you wish, sir. You mentioned two more pieces of business?"

"Oh, yes. A couple of scout reports from the Wasilkoff system just came in yesterday. We're not sure what happened, but the planet there is deserted."

"Deserted, sir? As in, somebody bombed out the surface and killed everybody?"

"No. They simply vanished."


k'Nf'S'i'S sat at his position on the bridge of his ship. Behind him, over 2,000 transport ships carried the entirety of the population of Wasilkoff IV. They had torn down every building on the surface in the process to get enough material to build the ships, and all equipment was loaded on board the ships. It was a shame to leave such a fertile world behind, but the humans knew where it was. Now nobody would know where they had gone, and not one scrap of any value had been left behind for the humans.

"All ships report successful exit from the wormhole from Wasilkoff, Governor. In two hours we will be entering the jump lane to Evon space, Governor," his navigator responded.

k'Nf'S'i'S acknowledged the report silently, with just a nod. He sat back and dreamed of revenge against those graktoz humans. The Evon are perfect. Masters of diplomacy and spying, firmly believing in their superiority, they will not hesitate to attack and destroy the humans if they think they can win. And with the skills of our laborers, they may be able to. Soon, soon we shall make them pay...


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