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Stealth and Deception
by Alastair Cooper (Myralyst)

Part Eight

Leonard stepped over the piles of ash on the floor, and said “That was harsh Michelle! I like your style!” “The man was a worm sir! He was selling out his own admiral.”

“Nevermind who sold out who” Leonard replied, “this whole mission was possible because of such things. Lets go, we’re going to have to run to the bridge and I’m damned if I know the way. Unlucky, Jones you’re going to have to navigate – take point!”

The team set off at their loping run, with only Michelle not in complete camouflage, and they were astonished at the absence of security teams on the ship. They reached the bridge without incident.

“Michelle - signal the freighters, they can start their docking now. Then enter our little password, get this Trojan device up and running”

Hardcastle reported the freighter’s acknowledgement, “Admiral Yusuf wants to know what took us so long sir!” “Tell him that we like to do things in style!”

When this mission had been planned, the command team had masqueraded as a high official in one of the noble Federation families and bought the itinerary of the supply ships designated to the Leviathan project. The security chief who sold out had believed that he was providing glory to a family his were vassal to. In reality he had provided the rebel faction the freighters they needed to supply a complete crew to commandeer the enormous ship. Even now, those brave volunteers were boarding the Faction’s new command vessel.

A few hours later the Leviathan unleashed her fire on the construction station surrounding her, and slowly she rolled out of her orbit – laying devastation round her. Before anybody really knew what was happening, the only orbital that could have fired on her was slag metal falling through the atmosphere. Planetary defences came on line slowly, and the ship gathered speed and headed toward the Starlane entrance, debris from the patrol frigates and crusiers littered her wake, and she was nearly free.

As the ship entered the safety of the starlane, Inside the Captain’s leisure lounge Admiral Yusuf met the infiltration team that had won him his new ship. They celebrated first and continued for hours. But the inevitable line came in the end: “Great work Sergeant, Great work – your team deserves a rest. But once we get back to Starfleet command Ops has another mission already lined up for you.”


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