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Journal of the Grand Vision
Hs’A, Trilarian Sage

Part Two

Time has passed, and our colonies in Rasa and Malv struggled. We knew the great void was a hostile place, but little did we know just how barren it could be. These planets were just barely habitable, and Malv is strangely deficient in industrial minerals. Some speculated that it was depleted by past inhabitants, of which there is ample evidence. Others hearken to the fact that fate had destined some places to be blessed with abundant resources, and others to be wanting. But, our scouts had not yet returned from their valiant missions, and the two other systems they surveyed have nothing for us. The wise decision of the Elders was to take and nurture what we were given, and that in time they would be made part of the Grand Vision, even if their current place is small. In truth I, but a minor Sage, suspected that the High Seers were impatient and wished to do what they could to advance the Vision and would not wait for better worlds upon which to place our people. Their wisdom was manifest and none shall gainsay. That is our way.

In the cycles that followed the Race knew success. Our tentative reach grew, and the Race controlled the worlds around five suns. Many other suns and their planets lie between, but these places are disappointingly barren, poisonous and dry to us, and would provide us with no succor. And, we found that we are not alone: other races plied the stars. Our ancient legends tell tales of these others, such as the irrationally hostile Sakkra. Thankfully that race has not raised its ugly snout toward us. But, we have met a race that is far worse – the Ithkul, the Eaters of primeval horror, evil tools of the Antarans. All had hoped that the other races or the Others had exterminated this vile race, a sore trial from the Time of Terror, but alas this was not so. And, they have shown us that they remain hostile, spurning our increasingly desperate overtures for an understanding, a just peace. Such was not to be, and they are gathering. The High Seers have ordained we must strive toward our defense to the exclusion of all else, for the Grand Vision will founder if we grace the maws of these parasites of all races, the Eaters of mind and body. Already one of our far colonies has succumbed – their silence speaks, and we fear.


The Eaters came to the Malv system, but the High Seers knew this would come to pass. The Fleet was waiting for the scourge, and resolved to defend our colony on the third planet, and the passage that leads to Home. We trusted in superior technology, and that our ships were the best the we could build. Our destroyers were graced with titanium armor, and missiles that would bring death to the Eaters. The pickets were tasked to find the enemy, and then engage with their armor piercing lasers. Such was the plan. The Fleet was engaged in the Malv system, with Malv ground batteries assisting in the defense. Our pickets found the enemy, and the middle destroyers let loose with their volleys of death. There were hits, and we rejoiced! The Eater’s ships were damaged and destroyed, flaring brightly and then vanishing, as they should. Their numbers would seemingly be no defense, and they kept coming, ever closer. And then, the Vision failed. They did not stop, and their advanced engines let them get close, too close, while our crews frantically reloaded our missiles. The pickets were hulled, then destroyed. They closed with our valiant missile destroyers and fired, and one by one the Fleet died. Defenders on Malv saw this and hurriedly sent us a message to let us know of their fate. They resolved to be true to the Vision and do their duty. They told us transports were at the fringes of their system. That was the last we heard from them.

A new Fleet is being assembled. We have learned from the dread Eaters, and this time we will not fail. We are defended by two orbitals, a missile and beam base, marine garrisons, and the system Fleet. In the many cycles since the fall of Malv we have built bigger ships, and these are tasked with short range attack, like the dread Eaters. Others will provide missiles, and the High Seers decreed the construction of a carrier. All are inspired by the Fleet, and it is truly awesome to behold – 14 ships of the line, mostly destroyers and some frigates and cruisers. The Eaters can not prevail.


Sensors are activated, and our long range picket detects the dread event – the wormhole from our lost colony at Malv has opened. The enemy pours out of the wormhole in an unending torrent. Hope dims. Where we are 14 they are 50. Where we have destroyers they have cruiser hulls. We will fight; we have no choice.

Already the battle flares, bright lights in the skies. I know that the Eater ships die, and take solace from that. But our ships die, too – too fast, much too fast. Energies flare, and the orbitals and ground bases engage. The fighters launch, and we cheer. More Eaters die, but still they come on. Their short ranged destroyers die, but a few make it through. They fire, and an orbital dies. More come, and our lethal missile base dies.

The points of light cease, and the skies are clear! We have won!

Then the wormhole opens again.

We have failed. Eternal night will descend on the Grand Vision.

The Eaters come.

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