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March, 2006

[FIXED] MoO3 Unofficial Patch Mod *Tropical*
Posted by Bladefist on March 28, 2006 at 11:30:59 AM (4 views)
For all who have downloaded the MoO3 Unofficial Patch Mod *Tropical* v1.0 before Tuesday, March 28th, 14:30 GMT+2, please re-download.

The file we offered before included a broken moo3.exe. We apologize for the inconvenience.

MoO3 Unofficial Patch Mod *Tropical*
Posted by Bladefist on March 25, 2006 at 05:08:16 PM (0 views)
Colt374 has released the first version of his unofficial patch mod *Tropical*.

As usual, you can find the download in our mod archive.

The *Tropical* version includes everything from the *Strawberry* variant, plus the following additions:

NoGrid code patch from Gerra
Autoconquer code patch (so Ai can still conquer planets late game... if a TF with a Stellar Convertor enters an undefended system, it will conquer it automatically... call it intimidation factor. SC's will be available at TL98 )
Build Queue patch (Makes ground units use x10 option)
IncreasedHullSizes patch (More than 14 hull sizes)
One Turn Tech (Makes techs finish in one turn when tech level is reached -trust me, this is GOOD and usefull in this mod)
Starlane events (new starlanes appear)
Techlevels patch (Techs now go up to Level 98 )

Race balance and Ethos mod - Richy's Ethos 1.0b mod, based on Bard of Preys Race balance mod 2.0 (Will continue to be refined - could use help on this!)
Increased Leaders Lifespans

WEAPON GFX/SFX OVERHAUL ( Changed all weapon GFX to ones more close to what they would look like in Real Life. Changed all SFX to something a bit closer. May be worked on more.)
Beam Weapons completely overhauled, both in capabilites, GFX/SFX, and tech levels... now makes Moo3 have 'periods' of weapon development, and all weapons are designed to have a particular purpose (Short range, Long Range or Point Defence).
TL 0 : Laser (SR/LR), MassDriver (SR/PD)
TL 20 : Fusion (SR), Quark (PD), Hard (LR)
TL 40 : Neutron (LR), Rail (PD), Hellfire (SR), Graviton (LR)
TL 60 : Phasor (LR), Plasma (SR), LFG (PD), Gauss (SR), Dark Energy (LR)
TL 80 : Disruptor (LR), Disintegrator (LR), Megabolt (SR), Tachyon (SR), Ion Pulse (PD)
TL 98 : Dark Matter (LR), Mauler (SR), Stellar Convertor (LR), Kohr-Ahr Spinner (SR)
New Weapon added : Kohr-Ahr Spinner
New weapon mod added : MIRV missiles
Added techs :
Stealth Device
Planetary MissileBase III
Planetary MissileBase II
Regional FlakBattery
Planetary Fightergarrison II
Planetary Fightergarrison III
Invasion Pods (for autoconquer)
Four new Fighter Chassis' added:
Bomber Chassis
Heavy Bomber Chassis
Heavy Assault Chassis
Advanced Bomber Chassis
New engines (warp and system) added: Now goes to Level 12.
Shields overhauled so they now act like shields. (REALLY WORKS WELL)
Planetary shields (seemingly) fixed. Still testing.
Tech tables rebalanced. Techs go all the way to TL98. (Research speed may need rebalancing)

Ultima Orion
Posted by Bladefist on March 14, 2006 at 04:11:58 AM (0 views)
Ultima Orion is the name of the biggest German meta patch for Master of Orion 3.

The main goal of this patch is to improve the balance of the original MoO3. It includes several existing mods like Bhruic's patches and also adds new / replaces many of the original graphics.

The current version of the project is 0.86 (March 3rd, 2006). As of now, Ultima Orion is only available in German. An english version is planned for August this year.

Ultima Orion -

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